Talking Legends:📽️ Johnny Tapia

A showman, a tough grizzled vet, a flawed man, yet a very thoughtful one, respectful and boisterous…it’s safe to say that 🇺🇸Johnny Tapia (59-5-2, 30KO) covered all of these bases, and had captured a mass audience of boxing fans for these reasons, and a multitude of others.

Johnny was as gutsy a warrior as they came, and he loved a good scrap. What made him special though is that he had a set of instinctual skills that most fighters did not possess, and he showcased them in a variety of ways, mid brawl, counter-punching, or dictating the action and tempo of the fight from the outside.

Johnny had a great left hook to the body, one of the best that’s ever been showcased in the lighter weight divisions, and he had a very effective jab. His right cross was quick, and his uppercuts were strong, which he loved to fire as counters, along with the vaunted left hook.

In boxing’s modern era, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who possessed better stamina than Johnny Tapia, who seemingly had a never ending gas-tank, especially considering his antics and extra movement he brought to every fight, yet never orchestrated a dull moment in a fight.  Below are a list of his accomplishments.


– 5X World Champion (WBA, WBO, IBF)
– 3-Division Champion (115, 118, 126)
– 17 Wins in World Title Fights
– 2-Division Simultaneous Champion (115/118)
– Regarded by Most the Greatest Super-Flyweight

SIGNATURE MOMENT – His performance in defeating home-rival Danny in their backyard of Albuquerque, New Mexico

NOTABLE WINS – Danny Romero, Jorge Eliecer Julio, Nana Yaw Konadu, Manuel Media…..two highly controversial losses to Paulie Ayala


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