By Tre Berry

Teofimo ‘El Brooklyn’ Lopez (12-0-0, 10KO) put forth a spectacular skillful performance against a rough, but an overwhelmed opponent in Diego Magdaleno (31-3-0, 13KO). Teofimo instinctively was very sharp, seeing what his opponent wanted to do before he even got a chance to set it up, and countered him with sharp crosses and uppercuts virtually every time Magdaleno threw something of significance, recognizing that every time Magdaleno would fire, he would lunge in after his shots, making him susceptible to the type of shots that Teofimo was catching him with.
It was the type of performance that during the fight will enhance his fan-base, being that he operated with his usual fan friendly style, delivering eye catching spot moments in the fight, getting the wow’s from the audience. After pummeling Magdaleno for 6+ rounds, there was great concern that his trainer Ismael Salas, and Referee Gregorio Alvarez both elected to allow the fight to go on for too long, with the outgunned pugilist taking an inordinate unnecessary amount of punches, and soon after, Teofimo did him in with a couple of sledgehammer left hooks that knocked him out cold in spectacular fashion. Teofimo displayed poor sportsmanship with his patented gesture to the opposing corner after the fight, not acknowledging that his opponents conditioning while on the canvas was very concerning, something that has to be noted.

All in all, outside of that, a very quality performance for one of boxing’s fastest rising stars, and it looks like he may be inching closer to a title shot soon with one of the Lightweight Champions.

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