CONTENDERS MEET ON A THURSDAY: Aston Palicte vs Jose Martinez

By Tre Berry

A match between two top-ranked Super-Flyweights, Filipino fighter Aston Palicte (24-2-1, 20KO) will test his merit against undefeated Puerto Rican promising contender Jose ‘Chiquiro’ Martinez (20-0-2, 13KO).

Both are ranked in the top-5 by the WBO, with Palicte at #2, and Martinez being ranked at the #4 slot.

Palicte is fresh off what was a dubious draw verdict against Donnie Nietes in which Nietes should have been the clear winner in the bout, however Palicte put up a good effort, and showed the world that he is a quality fighter.

Martinez has two draws on his record against solid contender Alejandro Santiago Barrios, and will look to put up an impressive win here to get consideration for a world title shot.

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