By Jon Uddin

Love it or hate it, the Adrien Broner boxing fans have come to know was on display Wednesday at the final press conference for Saturday’s welterweight title fight against Manny Pacquaio.

Broner lashed out at Al Bernstein, appearing to believe the longtime Showtime Boxing analyst has it out for him..”I ain’t even gonna lie to you. I don’t fuck with you, bro. I don’t fuck with you. You be talking so much shit about me on Twitter, bro. I’m just being real, bro. I just already feel like you against me. I would rather Roy Jones or Stephen A. Smith ask me some questions. I don’t fuck with you.”

The harshest criticism to be found by Bernstein was after Broner’s loss to Mikey Garcia, where Bernstein stated in the post fight that Broner had come up short in his three top level fights (vs Maidana, Porter, and Garcia). When interviewed after the presser Bernstein said as far as twitter goes he has tweeted about Broner “maybe 5-10 times in 6 years” and when he did it was all boxing related and never personal.

Before the press conference wrapped up, Broner would deliver verbal jabs to the Filipino Pacquiao supporters in attendance “I got a cat for you for dinner” and “I got some sautéed German Shepherd for you in the back”

In the end we all know what we are getting into when we have an Adrien Broner fight, the blueprint hasn’t changed over the past 6 to 7 years. What has changed is the current landscape of boxing and the new young blood that has arrived. Broner’s routine has grown dull and predictable, he is now at the point where he needs to win a top level fight to continue to be relevant in the sport.

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