In a rare Sunday attraction for a high profiled boxing match, we just witnessed the IBF Super-Middleweight title exchange hands, as undefeated Caleb Plant (18-0-0, 10KO) dominated now-former Champion Jose Uzcategui (28-3-0, 23KO) en route to a unanimous decision victory in what was a grueling fight full of action, and fiery exchanges.

Caleb Plant fought with the type of technical mastery that forces those in his division to pause and take serious notice, as he was first in most exchanges, forced Uzcategui to do what he wanted to as he proved to be far too elusive, and too sharp of a counterpuncher for Uzcategui to time, catch, or intimidate.

Plant was able to put Uzcategui down in the 2nd round from an impressive barrage. As Plant jumped out to an early lead behind a wide array of boxing skills from middle distance, Uzcategui managed to open up a cut over the right eye of Plant, however that didn’t slow him down. Uzcategui coming in had the bigger reputation of being the big power puncher, which he had proven time and time again however here, to the shock of onlookers in attendance, and viewers at home, Plant was the one landing the power shots routinely, and often got the better of exchanges, most notably when both fighters would land simultaneously. This was evident when Plant put Uzcategui down again, this time with a hook where both landed simultaneously, and his doing the bulk of the damage.

Plant’s shiftiness throughout the fight made Uzcategui look rather lethargic, and Jose’s reluctance to utilize his jab was a factor into that equation as well, over-relying on the threat of the power instead of setting the power up. Plant continued to dominate the middle rounds, though Uzcategui kept getting closer and closer.

In the 9th round, Uzcategui hurt Caleb badly, which had the then-challenger on wobbly legs for roughly a minute, but he was able to survive by evading the big power coming back his way. He regained control back in the 10th round, although Uzcategui successfully landed a devastating right hand on the tip of the chin, but Caleb took it remarkably well, supporting the notion that Caleb has a fantastic chin.

The Championship rounds were a grueling affair, with Uzcategui showing a serious sense of urgency, getting up close, and landing some good shots, while Caleb slipped and weaved his way inside, landing counter hooks and uppercuts, leading up to the final bell. The scorecards were read, and they were accurate, as Caleb Plant was announced as the new Champion. The emotions took over Plant during the post-fight interview in celebration of the victory, in the backdrop of his personal family story, as he was successful in fulfilling his promise, and taking the IBF belt home with him.

Jon Uddin 117 – 109 for CALEB PLANT
Tre Berry 117 – 109 for CALEB PLANT

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