Uzcategui Kicks off 2019 with defense against Plant

2018 was a year of redemption for Jose “Bolivita” Uzcategui (28-2, 23KO).

It all started off with getting some payback for being punched by Leon Lawson, the uncle of Andre Dirrell, after Uzcategui was DQ’d for a questionable punch after the bell in his 2017 fight with Dirrell. Uzcategui methodically beatdown Dirrell on his way to a TKO victory in the rematch last year.

After the original scheduled bout against Plant in August was postponed due to Plant’s injury, Uzcategui took on Ezequiel Osvaldo Maderna, winning a 10 round unanimous decision.

Uzcategui looks to bring his usual technical but tenacious style into the ring Sunday, as he wants to kick off 2019 by continuing to establish himself as the man at Super Middleweight against Plant.

“Caleb Plant earned this shot by beating a Porky Medina that no one cares about anymore, and now he’s getting into the ring with me, and I’m for real. Caleb’s done a lot of trash talking, and I’ve taken it personally.

I truly do not like this guy, but now, we’ll see if he can back it up. I don’t want to simply stop him or knock him out. That would be too easy. I am planning to make it a long night for him. I want to give him the beating of his life throughout the whole fight.”
-Jose Uzcategui

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