Davila and Duarte, Head To Head

Pomona Progress-Bulletin, 6th June, 1977

Albert Davila took a giant step towards a world title match Thursday with a most impressive five-round demolition job of Frankie Duarte at the Olympic Auditorium.

Alberto Davila and Frankie Duarte promote their fight at the Olympic Auditorium. Davila would KO Duarte in the 5th round.

Using some brilliant combinations and all-round ringmanship, Davila totally outclassed Duarte. Davila gave Duarte a taste of things to come early in the 2nd round. Davila decked the Venice boxer early in that stanza with a wicked left hook to the head. Duarte, more stunned than hurt, bounced to his feet and took a standing eight-count. However, he was never again quite the same, as Davila began to repeatedly beat him to the punch with crisp blows to the body and head.

Duarte’s face was puffy when he came out for round five, and he ran into more punishment at the hands of Davila. A solid right hand sent Duarte to the canvas late in the 5th, and obviously hurt the Venice scrapper. He struggled to his feet and took another eight-count, but Davila rushed in and smashed him to the canvas again. Referee Rudy Jordan stopped the fight at that point, with seven seconds left in the round.

“No doubt about it, this was the best I’ve ever fought. I put everything together perfectly tonight. I really want a title match now, but I will fight anybody.”

Courtesy of Roy Bennett of Vintage Boxing Archives.

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