Wilder vs Fury: A Quick Take By Roy Bennett

By Roy “Sharpshooter” Bennett

Tyson Fury (27-0-0, 19KO) must have kissed the Irish Blarney Stone when he signed to fight Deontay Wilder (40-0-0, 39KO) because the self proclaimed “Gypsy King” has talked up a storm in the lead up to one of the most heavily anticipated heavyweight showdowns in years. But he will need more than the gift of the gab to carry him to victory once the bell rings on Saturday night.

Fury will be sharing the ring with one of the most destructive punchers in professional boxing, and Wilder’s right hits like an anvil being dropped from great height. Title challengers Luis Ortiz and Artur Szpilka know all too well what it feels like. Both men looked to have Wilder beaten until the right hand brutally ended matters. Any loss of concentration of Fury’s part will prove to be disastrous and while I won’t write him off completely, he’s going to have an uphill battle keeping Wilder off balance with empty feints for twelve rounds.

Fury has to punch with authority to keep Wilder cautious but in doing so he puts himself at even further risk. If he can plant a few seeds of doubt in Wilder’s mind he might shock us all with a repeat sleight of hand performance, as he did with Klitschko, and pull the upset. But it’s a long shot. I fear the more likely scenario is Wilder catching Fury with a big punch in the middle rounds to bring an abrupt and crushing end to the argument.

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