Two Giants, Contrast In Stature

Look at this…a very stark contrast between these two in size & stature, but the fighting spirit is all and one in the same.

The 6’9″ heavyweight Tyson Fury poses for a shot with 5’2″ minimumweight fighter Mark Anthony Barriga. Barriga fights on the undercard to the main event which features Tyson Fury taking on Deontay Wilder.

One is a stand-out Heavyweight you notice off the bat, the other one, an excellent Minimumweight that most people outside of his region knows little about due to lack of global coverage on the division.

That of course is the former Lineal Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury of England, and his fight is a couple days away on December 1st. The little fella you see here also fights on December 1st, on the same fight-card, and his name is Mark Anthony Barriga of the Philippines, and we here at The Combat Project HEAVILY recommend that you watch him in action.

Barriga operates as a slick counter-puncher behind a shoulder-roll defense; a style highly unusual, and rarely seen from fighters from the Philippines, but what he has been able to show up to this point is that he’s very, very proficient behind it, and has shown to be one of the best Minimumweights in the world. He’s gunning for his 1st opportunity at a world title, coming in the form of the IBF belt. Tune in Saturday and witness for yourself.

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