Things They Said: Archie Moore

“Fighting Charley Burely was almost inhuman, because he kept his punches coming at you like a riveting gun beats a tattoo on a rivet.

He was a human machine gun the way he kept those punches spouting out, and nearly as dangerous. He was the best fighter I ever fought and the best fighter I ever saw.

I recall not being too impressed by Charley, before the fight of course. I knew he had been scaring everybody to death on the coast. There had been stories about how he had chased heavyweights out of the gym, stiffened sparring partners with the big training gloves. But you must take into account that I’ve never been burdened by false modesty.
That night in Hollywood Burley did things I’ve never seen anybody else do … he got away with things that would have got another fighter killed. He kept his hands low and could feint you with his head, his hands, his shoulders, his knees … but the thing that sticks in my mind the most about Burley is the way he defied gravity.

He could lean way back on his heels, it just made you miss. You’d figure this man’s way off balance, he can’t break an egg from that position. Then you’d get the surprise. Burley could knock you dead from that position, and he could do it with either hand. I’ve been beaten in other fights – you look at my record, I’ve been in with a couple of hundred pros – I was bound to drop a few. But I never lost like I lost to Burley.
He had me on the floor many times, but more than that he outboxed me. That’s something I could never understand, because nobody had ever done that to me before. And no one, incidently, has done it since.
I would say, personally, that I think Charley Burley could have beaten (Sugar) Ray Robinson in Ray’s best time.”

– Archie Moore

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