Wilder vs Fury: Dancer versus Destroyer

Brace yourself, it is time..…explosive plosive WBC Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder (40-0-0, 39KO) takes another tough fight, this time against
former LINEAL, WBA, WBO, IBF Champion Tyson Fury (27-0-0, 19KO).

When you have two fighters from completely different walks of life, you end up getting a bout with wide contrasting dynamics between their personalities, styles, skill-sets and upbringing, and that is exactly what we have coming to us on Saturday. One thing that they very much have in common, they’re both supremely confident, and are not afraid to express it. Two of the best trash-talkers in the business will take centerstage at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, to see who will put the actions to their words and prove themselves to be worthy as the man to hold up the WBC strap.

In being honest, Deontay Wilder’s skills and technique are anemic, but if he was stuck out in the wilderness, he could probably knock out a bear if he was forced to, with the type of power he possesses. Not only is he pound for pound perhaps the hardest puncher in boxing, but he’s also historically one of the most athletic Heavyweights that you could ever find in any era. These two components have helped him mask his weaknesses and short-comings to this point, so even if you as an opponent trump him in the skill department, he remains very dangerous in ALL 36 minutes of the boxing match that he is in, because he can put you away, and knows how to put you away.

They don’t call him ‘Bronze-Bomber’ for no reason (won Bronze at the 2008 Olympics, and he’s a dynamite puncher). He was legitimately tested against the talented Cuban veteran Heavyweight Luis Ortiz, knocking Ortiz down in the 5th and 10th rounds, before putting him away by savage knockout later in the 10th round, landing a picture-perfect uppercut to culminate the night.

With that being said, here is a new test, the toughest test for Wilder thus far in his career, as he has never faced anyone with the type of boxing skills that Tyson Fury possesses.

Tyson Fury (dubbed as the ‘Gypsy King’) abruptly retired after dethroning legend and longtime LINEAL Champion Wladimir Klitschko, and ran into his own set of problems, ranging from drug abuse, weight gain and depression. He managed to climb himself out of the hole and came back to boxing to try and re-establish himself against the now-elite opposition in the division.

After taking a couple fights to round himself into shape, getting his reflexes and timing back, he has stepped up to take on the man with the biggest punch in the division as a potential first step to regain back what he once had. Fury is a giant, even by today’s Heavyweight standards, standing at 6’9, and he can be classified as an anomaly with the outstanding footwork and reflexes he has for a man of that stature. He easily has the edge in the skills department…now given that Fury is very difficult to hit, he’s going to need that elusiveness to guide him the ENTIRE FIGHT because any type of slip-up…just one…and he can find himself going to sleep if Wilder gets a good shot in.

A dangerous test for Fury, a true validation opportunity for Wilder, we will see how the ball rolls on Saturday, December 1st. This fight will be aired on SHOWTIME PPV. This fight should be the last hurdle to making an Undisputed match-up with WBA, WBO, IBF Champion Anthony Joshua, so to keep the hope alive for critical acclaim and a massive paycheck, Wilder & Fury both know what is on the line and will give it their all. May the best man win.

Weigh in:

Deontay Wilder: 212.5lbs 

Tyson Fury: 256.5lbs 

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