Things They Said: Sandy Saddler

Courtesy of Roy Bennett


“I used to fight maybe twice a week. I was knocking them off (in) like two, three rounds. Back in the days when I was boxing, they had guys that were pretty good fighters. My sixty-sixth fight or sixty-seventh fight, that’s when I actually fought for the title. I had sixty-some-odd fights before I got a shot at the title, but today a guy have (sic) sixteen fights and there he is! He’s a title contender already.
I was number one contender and (Willie Pep) had to fight me. I boxed in Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, I boxed in Panama, I boxed in Philippines, I boxed in Cuba and he just had to fight me. Archie Moore went to camp with me at the time. I figured I would go to camp and he would tell me different movements and whatnot and (help me) get things down pat. I couldn’t do it here in the city, so we went to camp and I would box Archie. He would make moves and slip and make clever moves. Archie was very clever. He taught me quite a bit. He taught me how to slip and how to get inside and how to, in case you’re hurt, how to actually cover up so all the vital spots are covered up. And that’s one of my main assets in boxing. When I got hurt, how to cover up, go right in that shell, and no part is open so that a man can slip a punch in on you.
Actually, Archie Moore had a lot to do with me winning that fight. ‘Sandy,’ he said, Pep is a very clever man and a very fast mover.’ He wanted me to stay on top of him, give Pep no leverage (momentum), because if you gave Pep any leverage, for chrissake, you could forget about it then.
You have to live a clean life. I never drank, I never smoked, and I lived boxing. I learned how to punch correctly. That gave me my punching power from the ball(s) of my feet. That was very important.”

– Sandy Saddler

Sandy Saddler knocked out 103 opponents in his illustrious 162 bout ring career finishing with a record of 144-16-2.

Featherweight Champion 1948-49
Jr. Lightweight Champion 1949-50
Featherweight Champion 1950-57

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